Adoption Qualifications

• The animal must be spay/neutered prior to going to his/her new home.


• Adopter should agree to continue any specific medical care need for a particular pet, along with routine annual visits.


• If adopter has other pets, all pets in the home should be up to date on vaccinations, monthly heartworm prevention, and should be spayed/neutered, unless there is a valid medical reason.


• Applicants must be at least 18 years old.


• All members of the household must agree they want the pet. A pet is a family member and so all members of the family need to be in agreement about when to adopt a pet, and which pet to adopt.


• Anyone renting or leasing must have written permission from their landlord, and will also be contacted by phone by a representative for AHAR before an adoption can be approved. Any restrictions regarding type or size of animal must be noted.


• We do not adopt out "outdoor pets." All pets adopted by our rescue must be treated as part of the family and spend most of their time indoors, never chained, or left unattended for long periods of time outside. Pets that are left outside to do not bond as readily with their owners and are prone to nuisance behaviors like barking, escaping, roaming, digging, predatory behavior and other destruction. If applicants currently have an "outdoor pet" their adoption may be denied.


• We do not adopt out pets for the sole purpose of “guarding” or personal safety.


• Applicants for dog adoptions must have a yard that is fenced on all sides, or adopter must agree to walk/exercise dog for a MINIMUM of two times daily, or more as dog requires. Some dogs may require a fence of a certain type and height.


• Adopter must have excellent vet reference (if a prior pet owner) and a minimum of one personal reference.


• Adopters should demonstrate a willingness and ability to meet the social, training, health and exercise requirements of their desired pet.


• We will not allow “surprise” or gift adoptions.


• We reserve the right to decline applications if the pet’s needs to not coincide with the lifestyle of the family or individual, or if the adoption is not demonstrated to be in the best interest of the pet or family for any reason.



Adoption Application

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